The world is filled with countless illnesses and diseases.  Currently we are in the middle of a pandemic that seems to be spreading like California wildfires.  With the possibility of getting anything from the common cold to prostate cancer, we need to take steps that will allow us to stay healthy and live a prosperous life.

Wash your hands

The first line of defense to protect yourself starts with washing your hands.  Our hands are our primary instrument that we use to explore the world.  When we wash our hands with soap and water we are breaking up the molecules that make up dirt, germs and other items that we come in contact with and allowing them to wash away down the drain.

The reason that we wash our hands is because we touch our face, eyes, mouth and other parts of our face.  When we do this, the germs and bacteria can enter into our bodies from our mouth, eyes and nose causing us to contract the illnesses we touch.

Eat healthy

prostate cancer

You need to start a healthy diet.  In our got to go society we tend to grab and go with the simplest and most often unhealthiest foods we can find.  Most of the food that we consume is filled with salt, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors and so much more.  When it comes to food, we tend to eat things that are considered food on the academic sense rather than the actual sense.

Drink water

You want to drink water.  Water is the foundation of what makes up our bodies.  When we drink water, our cells absorb the hydrogen and oxygen and use it to build new cells.  If we don’t drink the right amount of water a day or if we drink other items that are not good for us, our cells won’t have what they need to grow healthy causing us to be perceptible for cancer.