Athletes get injured whether they play for fun, play professionally, or for a local team or college. These injuries require fast treatment to prevent further damages and to reduce the time they’re out of the game. What type of injuries occur in athletes more often than others? Take a look at this list of common sports injuries.

·    ACL Tear/Strain: One of the more painful injuries, an ACL strain or tear occurs in the knee and can take a lot of time to heal. The faster the athlete begins treatment, the better. Usually this problem can be treated without surgery.

·    Concussion: A concussion is defined as any type of injury that occurs to the brain after it is jarred or shaken. Concussions can be very serious and often cause memory loss to the patient.

·    Pulled Groin: A pulled groin is quite painful and also very common. A pulled groin usually requires heat/ice treatment and a few days of rest. Take it easy when playing sports!

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·    Shin Splints: Shin splints cause pain in the lower leg. It can be hard to walk with a shin splint. This often requires surgery to treat and can take weeks to heal.

·    Shoulder Injuries: Shoulder injuries result when the athlete pushes his shoulder to the limit and it is stretched or strained out of place. Treatment depends on the type of and severity of the injury.

Get Back on Your Game After a Serious Sports Injury

If you are injured in the game, surgery and medical treatment is available. Many athletes choose charleston robotic surgery because it is less invasive, requires less down time, and has a plethora of other benefits. Talk to your doctor to learn more and make sure you stay in the game!