We live in a new norm now that COVID-19 has struck the world. We must now take precautions when we leave our homes and hope that we do not pick up this virus in our daily encounters. It is stressful to live in a pandemic world, but with a few adjustments and changes, we can get through this together. Take a look at the five top ways to protect yourself during the pandemic.

1.    Wear a Mask: It cannot be said enough: wear a mask. Masks protect against the spread of the virus and protect other people. Choose a quality cloth mask or disposable mask that meets medical standards.

2.    Social Distance: Maintain six feet distance between yourself and strangers when in public. This should be maintained wherever you go in public, be it the grocery store, the gas station, or to a restaurant or other location.

3.    Travel Safely: Check out stats for COVID-19 before traveling to another city or state. Change your plans if there is a high risk of transmission. Also consider the source of travel since bus stations, train stops, and other public locations increase risk of transmission.

4.    Business Implementations: Make sure to take COVID-19 seriously at your business. Protect yourself, employees, customers, vendors, and others by following all safety precautions in your state. Use a covid-19 ppe sourcing program as well.

5.    Sanitize and Clean: Wash your hands with soap for at least 20-seconds as often as possible during the day. Use a sanitizer with 60% alcohol when water is unavailable for washing.

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The tips above are among the many ideas that can help protect you and loved ones against the transmission of the COVID-19 pandemic. Take strides to stay safe and ensure that COVID-19 does not impact your life.